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Ours is a detailed manufacturing process designed to produce efficiently, deliver on time and ensure quality, based on a solid corporate mission: To build innovative ambulances that DELIVER on customer expectations and assist them in saving lives.

Demers Ambulances has a state-of-the-art, automotive-style horizontally integrated production facility with a continuous flow production process using 16 assembly stations plus others for quality control. It has an annual capacity of approximately 1500 units. Based on world‐class manufacturing principles, Demers Ambulances applies a strict and documented manufacturing process.


Demers Ambulances developed Strategic Sourcing with more than 250 suppliers that are each of them a specialist in their field of activities.

As a World-Class Manufacturer, Demers Ambulances aim at working with the best manufacturer of components. To meet and exceed customer’s expectations, Demers Ambulances has strict criteria to select a new supplier:

  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability & Quality
  • Price & Cost Reduction
  • Delivery Just in time
  • Payment Terms

Demers Ambulances creates also Strategic Partnership with external Supplier to develop specific technologies and components. These technologies and components are designed by Demers Ambulances Team but are manufactured by outside experts.

As examples, Demers Ambulances outsource the manufacturing of:

  • Electrical harnesses with experts of their field that are also supplying the aerospace industry
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Electronic Management System
  • Aluminum
  • And others

These partnerships benefit the customers and users of Demers Ambulances as they profit of advanced technologies from the latest discoveries serving the most demanding industries like aerospace and military.

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